• Training registration: 9AM
  • Trainings start: 9:30AM.


[RB1] Exploiting - Pablo San Emeterio

1100€  es  26Feb-28Feb    FINISHED 

In this BootCamp, oriented to the attendees to enter the fascinating world of exploiting or expand their knowledge. During Bootcamp different techniques and tricks used in the exploitation of application vulnerabilities will be presented. It will work in an eminently practical way since from my point of view and my own experience is the best way to lay theoretical foundations on which the development of exploits is sustained.

Practical Wireless & Radio Hacking (PWRH)

[RB3] Practical Wireless & Radio Hacking (PWRH) - Raul Siles

1500€/1775€  es  26Feb-28Feb    FINISHED 

The Practical Wireless & Radio Hacking (PWRH) course will be held for the third year in RootedCON 2018, updated as a result of training experience acquired over previous years on the security of more traditional wireless technologies such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, extended to new technologies, such as Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), radio communications at frequencies below 1 GHz (433 MHz, 868 MHz, etc.) and other radio communications both standard and proprietary.

Metasploit para Pentesters

[RL1] Metasploit para Pentesters - Pablo González

200€  es  28Feb    FINISHED 

In this training, oriented to the practice of hacking, you can enter into the world of Metasploit, the most used exploitation framework in the world of pentesting. In the training will go from less to more to achieve a great performance with more advanced techniques that you will contribute in your pentest.

Ethical Hacking & Pentesting

[RL2] Ethical Hacking & Pentesting - Pablo González

200€  es  27Feb    FINISHED 

In this training, oriented to the practice of hacking, you can introduce yourself and lay the foundations in the types of audits, in the way of work, in how to carry out audits and how to present the results of these.

The student will obtain a global vision of ethical hacking, delving into certain practical parts of pentesting.

Docker & SecDevOps

[RL3] Docker & SecDevOps - Elías Grande

200€  es  26Feb    FINISHED 

During this workshop we will delve into the docker technology that is the most widespread today in the IT sector, addressing, among other issues, both good practices when building such docker images and good security practices. apply at the level of the host, the docker daemon and the rest of the components that take part in the execution of said containers.

On the other hand, it can not be missed in this workshop how a security profile must intervene within the 'DevOps' flows to add the 'Sec' without blocking the continuous delivery of software that this philosophy pursues. And finally, there will be a review of the most important projects within the range included in the so-called Moby Project.

Hardware Hacking

[RL4] Hardware Hacking - Martina Matarí & Óscar Tebar

300€  es  28Feb    FINISHED 

During this workshop we will discover what is inside of many of the devices that surround us in our day to day, such as routers, cameras, smart bulbs, medical devices, alarms, consoles, etc.

We will learn to identify the physical components they contain, which communication protocols they interact with, and how we can manipulate them to our benefit with practical examples.

Introducción a la Ingeniería Inversa

[RL5] Introducción a la Ingeniería Inversa - Gonzalo Carracedo

200€  es  27Feb    FINISHED 

The objective of this training is, from a series of practical examples, to give a first approximation to the typical workflow of a reverse engineering project. The most common difficulties that usually arise during the whole process will be detailed and various strategies will be proposed to avoid blind alleys.