1. What is this Privacy Policy for?

At RootedCON we are committed to provide a quality service but also concerned about the privacy of your personal information. We want you to know and always have control over your personal data. For this, we put at your disposal this Privacy Policy, where you can review in detail the use we make of your personal data in order to loan you our Service and for other purposes.

You can access this Privacy Policy at any time, as it is available on our website, www.rootedcon.com/privacy.

2. Who is the Responsible for the treatment of your Personal Data?

The Responsible for the Treatment of your Personal Data is the RootedCON Association:

  • Asociación RootedCON: Company number/VAT: ESG85798056 · Postal Address: C/ Juan de Juanes 8, Bajo B, 28007 Madrid, Spain.

3. Where do we obtain your Personal Data? What data are we going to use exactly?

  • We will use the personal data that you send to us when you create a user account on our platform: name and surname, password, email address, telephone number, postal address, country, and date of birth.
  • Information about your employment, company and fiscal data of your company.
  • Courses and training to which you register.
To refer to all the previous information and any other information we have about you, we use the term "Personal Data".

4. What are we going to use your Personal Data for?

We will use your Personal Data for the following purposes:

  • Access to the congress/trainings
The processing of your Personal Data is necessary so that you can access the congress or the training. Otherwise, you could not access the event. These data allow you:
  • Manage the creation of your user account and allow you to use or modify it. To register for the event, it is necessary that you create an account and that you identify yourself as a user. You can modify the Personal Data that you have provided us at any time.
  • Contact you to give you information related to the congress to the training related to it.

5. How long will we keep your Personal Data?

The period of conservation of your Personal Data depends on each of the purposes for which we use them. You can consult them in detail in section 4. In the following table we indicate for how long or until what moment we will keep your data in relation to each of the purposes:

  • Access to the congress / trainings
We will use your Personal Data until you decide to stop using our Service, for which you must delete your user account. While you do not unsubscribe, we will continue to treat your Personal Data for this purpose. Please note that, if there is an issue pending resolution related to the Service, we will try to resolve it before you can unsubscribe.

6. Why is it permitted for us to use your Personal Data?

In RootedCON we only use your Personal Data in a lawful manner, as required by the applicable regulations in the matter. For this, we need to have a sufficient legal basis. Next, we indicate what is the legal basis, that is, why is it lawful, that we use your Personal Data for each of the purposes described in the previous section.

  • Access to the congress / trainings
Using your Personal Data is necessary to access the congress / trainings from the moment you accept our Terms and Conditions. Otherwise, you will not be able to access the event.

7. Will we share your Personal Data with third parties?

RootedCON does NOT share your data with third parties unless you explicitly request it during the registration process both to the congress and to the formations. In the event that you decide to share them, we indicate to you with whom we will share them:

  • Sponsors: During the registration process to the congress / trainings, if you want your data to be shared with our sponsors as long as you authorize us expressly. The data will be used for the following purposes:
    • Sending job offers for the interested party.
    • Sending commercial information on the different products and services offered by the sponsors.

8. What are your rights in data protection issues?

As an assistant to the congress or RootedCON training you have a series of rights so that you can decide and control at all times how we use your Personal Data. You can exercise these rights at any time and for free. To exercise one of your rights, you simply have to do it through the email info@rootedcon.com. So that we can meet your request, we need to make sure that it really is you, so you must provide us with a copy of your identity document; we would also appreciate if you could indicate the right you wish to exercise. If your request does not meet the above requirements, we will ask you to fill it out.

In particular, you have the following rights:

  1. Access. You can ask us to indicate if we are using your Personal Data or not; In case we are using them, we will also transfer additional information such as what personal information we have about you, what we are using them for, the entities with which we share them, the period during which we will keep your data or if we are doing profiles, among other issues.
  2. Rectification. You can ask us to modify some of the Personal Data we have about you to be accurate and up-to-date. In fact, keep in mind that you must keep the Personal Data that appear in your user account updated at all times.
  3. Cancelation You can ask us to delete the Personal Data we have about you
    1. When they are no longer necessary for the purpose for which we use them.
    2. When you withdraw your consent, in the case that we only treat them to develop purposes based on it.
  4. Restriction of processing. You can ask us to temporarily restrict the use of your Personal Data
    1. When you consider that your data is inaccurate, until we verify or update them.
    2. When we no longer need them to carry out the purposes indicated in section 4 above but you prefer that we keep them so that you can exercise or defend yourself against claims.
  5. Portability. You can request that we give you directly or that we deliver to another entity, whenever technically possible, a structured file, commonly used and readable by a computer system, containing the Personal Data relating to the trips you have made with the limit indicated in section 4 of this Policy, as well as any other information related to the provision of the Service.
  6. Object. You can file a claim with the competent control authority on data protection. In your case, the competent authorities are the following:
    • Agencia Española de Protección de Datos
  7. Opposition You can object to us using your data for any of the purposes listed in number 1 of section 4 of this Privacy Policy.

9. Will we update this Privacy Policy?

It's possible. Please note that, if for any reason we decide to make any changes to our Privacy Policy, we will inform you promptly before the changes become applicable. This way you can know how we intend to use your Personal Data before we start doing it.