From RootedCON we are particularly pleased to communicate our collaboration with the Follow the White Rabbit team.


As you all know, we love to collaborate with people who collaborate with the Security Community, contributing with knowledge, skills, ideas or, simply, doing things. And, in the particular case of FWHIBBIT, we have met a group of people who are eager to do wonderful things.

The FWHIBBIT team will be in charge of managing a new room in RootedCON 2018 , where they will conduct a series of initiation workshops in different areas of security. With their collaboration, RootedCON opens THREE TRACKS for its next edition: FWHIBBIT , SEC and DEVOPS.

An estimated capacity of 2,000 people!

We are very excited about this collaboration, and we hope that, as every year, you will support us with your presence in this(these) event(s)!

If you want to know more about Follow the White Rabbit here are some links:

08 Oct 2017