When and where will it take place?

March 2-4, 2017, in Kinépolis de Ciudad de la Imagen at Madrid

Getting to Kinepolis:

Here is the map where Kinepolis is located in Madrid:

In addition, line 3 of Metro Ligero leaves you at the door and by bus, arrive or pass through this enclosure bus lines 571, 572, 573 and 574.

You can find discounts for public transportation in the following address: http://blancas.neoexperience.es/ROOTED/

Places to eat:

Kinepolis is in a shopping center in which there is no lack are places to eat, check out:

  • https://kinepolis.es/cines/kinepolis-madrid-ciudad-de-la-imagen#nearby
  • Is there parking?

    Yes, as we say, it is a shopping center with a large parking

    And hotels or somewhere to sleep?

    We have successfully managed a special price for the Eurostars i-Hotel, near the conference venue:


    More information about the discount in this link: https://www.rootedcon.com/en/news/discount-at-eurostars-ihotel-hotel-for-rooted2017-attendees

    But you can also look at the NH Pozuelo Ciudad de la Imagen Hotel.


    More economical alternative (and farthest)

    I registered but I have no ticket, only a single 4-character code, what should I do?

    With this code, and if you have applied for a discount, the document that allows you access to the discount, the first day you sign the Congress will have to go through the accreditation area and collect your ticket and your welcome pack.

    What time does the registration opens?

    About 8:30, but if you arrive sooner the better. There is a lot of people so arriving at 9:50 (10 minutes before the first talk) is not an option here :)

    I paid the discounted entry, do I have to bring anything?

    Yes, the documentation shows that you can qualify for discount, otherwise you will have to pay full price.

    If you're not able to demonstrate that you have access to the discount, you must pay the difference to door.

    There are talks in Spanish, will I understand anything?

    Simultaneous translation will be available as in previous editions.

    Where both RootedLabs and Bootcamps are held ?

    All trainings will be held in venues inside Eurostars i-Hotel hotel (hotel where RootedCON 2017 attendees have discount )