The computer security conference Rooted CON born with the purpose of promoting the exchange of knowledge between members of the security community, including claiming the enormous capacity of the Spanish-speaking professionals.

One of the first premise was to maintain rigidly the principle of neutrality that has characterized each of its editions. In Rooted CON they could, can and may speak and present their ideas members of the security community, students, professionals, businesses, hobbyists, state forces, hackers and, why not, artists and academics.

Another premise is to avoid censorship. While adhere to the limits of legality, content will never be censored and presented with professionalism and rigor needed; we know that our speakers are serious professionals, whose contents deserve to be treated with all respect.

And, of course, two premises that are actually the same: to promote the technical knowledge and ensure that, at all times, have fun and enjoyment in an atmosphere of animation and exchange.


And it is your Congress, which is why every year decisions according to the surveys that you, the audience, rellenĂ¡is taken: about sponsors, yes or no to catering and many other details are, for the organization, questionsThey can be solved only by knowing your opinion and your desires. We really appreciate these very valuable feedback you give us.

But it is also the Congress of our partners, volunteers and sponsors. We can not forget that, too, it is thanks to them that the Congress can be made; without the help of our staff and volunteers it has been impossible to bring new products or do some activities and, of course, without the help of our sponsors we would probably have developed a project of much lower quality. We want to thank everyone for their very valuable assistance and participation as essential.

We look forward to creating the best possible Congress.

Topics that have been discussed in previous editions: reversing, intrusion techniques, forensic, mobile terminals, SCADA security, and Oracle 0days NO-SQL, how to assemble or na botnet, covert channels, networks, comics, cybersex, attacks on smartcards and operation of the DNI-e, cracking passwords, virus programming ...


Omar Benbouazza

José A. Guasch

Sergio Muñoz

Javier Olascoaga

Roman Ramírez

Alberto Rodriguez

Arantxa Sanz